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Wallhooky® History and Myth of the Hook and Ring Games

Hook and Ring Games can be traced back to the late 12th and early 13th centuries in England. To get an historical perspective, this was when Robin Hood and his Merry Men were active in the infamous Nottingham of Central England. 

When Robin and his band weren't robbing corrupt clerics, humiliating local sheriffs, and enraging the nobles, they hung out at a pub many still claim to be the oldest inThe Trip to Jerusalem England, called "The Trip to Jerusalem" which stands today. (Current picture at right: dates from 1189.)

Early Jerusalem Pub patrons played a hook and ring game, known at the time, as Ring the Bull , a pastime still popular in English pubs today.  So where does the name "Wallhooky®" come into the picture?  Well, it seems another Trip to Jerusalem pub patron of the 13th century was one Sir Wally Wallhooky® , who was also hooked on playing Ring The Bull.

Years later, when Sir Wally settled in Spain, he introduced Ring The Bull to the Spaniards.  After many generations, the game became known as "Wallhooky®" in honor of Sr. Wally and his happy ancestors

During the 15th century Sr. Wally's great, great, great grandson (also knighted Sir Wally Wallhooky) met a young explorer named Panfilo de Navarez. Commissioned by the King of Spain to claim land in the New  World, Navarez invited young Sir Wally to accompany him, and they set sail to fulfill their respective destinies.

Along the seas and islands of the New World, the Bahamas and Caribbean, Navarez and Wallhooky® introduced their game to the friendly natives and pirates they encountered.  Those who could not recall the name of the game often called it the "Ring Toss" or the "Bimini Ring Game."

A turbulent hurricane blew the explorers off course and they sailed north in April 1528 to an ancient Indian village known as St. Petersburg, Florida. (Click on image on left to enlarge.)

Navarez Historical MarkerAfter a brief respite (and many Wallhooky games later), Navarez traveled north by land--in search of the Fountain of Youth. (Seeing as Navarez is no longer with us, we can assume that he failed to find the Fountain of Youth) However, falling in love with the native sand and sea, Sir Wally remained in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area. 

His discovery? Sr. Wally Wallhooky® found that the true Fountain of Youth lives within all those who share the Florida sun, fresh water, and the fun of playing Wallhooky® with friends!

Since then, only the coolest people have been playing Wallhooky® throughout the years.

Wallhooky Ring toss Game


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