Wallhooky Ring Toss Game

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Wallhooky® Lingo

Wallhooky® … A game played by one or more persons or overly talented pets.  It's played by swinging a ring on a line--connected to an eye-ring in the ceiling or board above--to a hook on the wall or a flat surface.
Wallhooky Ring Toss Game

Sir Wally Wallhooky® … A friend of Robin Hood's in Nottingham England during the 13th century and one of the ring game's first players.

WallNut … A person who can't get enough of playing Wallhooky®, such as Sir Wally Wallhooky.

WallFly … A general P.E.S.T ( P erson E ither
S tupid or T oasted)

WallFlowers … People who watch a Wallhooky® game and do not play.

Off the Wall … Someone who makes vulgar or
obnoxious comments. (Also, see "WallFly")

WallEye … What one Wallhooky player gives another to indicate there may be "romance" in the air.  (Note:  Island Chicks & Island Dudes are particularly skilled at this type of look.)

Ring the Bull … A similar game played in English Taverns since the 12th Century, or also commonly called "Ring OF Bull" when Wallhooky® players sit around and B.S.

WallPucky (or "Wall-Puck-it!") … A word a player can use when frustrated or mad when women and children are about.

WallGreens … Special Island salad for Wallhooky® players.

WallDressing … goes on WallGreens or also commonly used to describe a particularly attractive Island Chick near the wall.

Wallet .. Where you keep your Wallhooky® score card (and Island Chick phone numbers.)

WallBoard … The area behind the hook.  Also suitable for Wall Graffiti. Wallboards can be customized for your business!

WallGuard … Deodorant recommended for players who get a bit "ripe."

WallKnot … Technique used to tie the ring and eye-hook together.  (Could also be what a WallFly PEST may get on his or her head upon stumbling.

Wallhooky Horse … Similar to the basketball version. Two or more players shoot (from different areas).  When one player makes a hook, the other must make the same hook.  If that players fails he or she gets a letter.  The loser spells "HORSE" first. (Can also use "GATOR" if you're a Florida football fan!)

Wallhooky Ring Toss Game


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