Wallhooky Ring Toss Game

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Wallhooky® Game Rules

Wallhooky® games can be played with 1-6 players or more! You can play almost anywhere inside or out.

It is called Bimini Ring Toss, Hook Toss or Hook Game.

 Wallhooky® can be played in the den, garage, church social rooms, community centers, therapeutic settings, schools, playrooms, taverns, restaurants, backyards, picnics, motels/hotels, around the pool, patios, by the campfire and just about anywhere else.

Although there are several game rules (and you can create your own), here's the easiest and most common version to get you started.

Pre-Game Warm-Up

Before you begin a regular game, players should take a little time for practice shots.  Then, draw names or numbers (from a hat, bowl, or other relatively clean circular object) to decide the play order.

Beginning A Regular Game

The first player stands in front of the hook at the end of the line and shoots.   (By this time he/she should be familiar with the game and improving his or her form.)

Player #1 will swing up to 5 shots.  If he/she makes it in 3 shots, then 3 shots is the point others will have to tie or beat.

If all players don't tie or beat the first player's score, the rotation begins again. 

Player #2 will shoot up to 3 shots.  If he/she makes it in 2, this is the new point standard to beat.

The next player takes 3 shots.  He or she has been eliminated for this round.  If the next player rings the hook in 2, he or she has tied and will play off for the win, if none of the following players rings it in one.

If a player--who has not yet shot--rings it in 1 shot, the players with 2 points are eliminated.

The survivor gets a point for this round and the game goes to Round 2 with all players back in the round. 

Keeping Score

Usually relegated to the player who is deemed the most reliable and "honest looking" (assuming one with those qualities exists in your group)

You can play until one person gets 10, 15, 25 or 50, depending on how much playtime you allow yourself!

Safety First!

1.  Remember, be careful when swinging the ring, particularly around small children or jumpy pets.

2.  Don't let the ring hang loose, and always return the ring to the hook when finished.

3.  If severe weather--such as a hurricane--threatens your area, you may want to tightly secure your game or just take it with you inside or to the shelter to pass the time!

Wallhooky Ring Toss Game


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